Amsterdam holds the trumps to become creative capital of Europe.


Think about it. If magician Hans Klok has lost the plot after the triple disappearing act of Cameron, Johnson and Farage. If Grexit scores 5 million search results on Google and Brexit 155 million. If Standard & Poors strips the UK of its triple A rating and sustains the Netherlands’ rating. If Deloitte’s Bart Verschoor says Brexit is the best thing that ever happened to the Netherlands as a trading nation. If Asia, with a total population six times that of Europe, has a penchant for gambling, but steers way clear of political and economic uncertainty when doing business. If you no longer have to sit in a stinky underground to trudge to the office, but can gleefully cycle to work above ground. If you can trade in your hypocritical stiff upper lips for straight-talking bridge-builders. If we’ve got more universities than we know what to do with here in the Netherlands and our students can still speak fluent Cambridge English after guzzling thirty beers. If Hamburg is too boring for multinationals and Paris is a socialist morass of misery. If London sounds glamorous, but in reality you’ve usually got to live in deprived and dismal suburbs like Slought, where The Office with Ricky Gervais was incidentally filmed. If AkzoNobel moves its head office from London to Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district to save an astronomical amount of tax. If the FedEx European head office is located in Hoofddorp on the outskirts of Amsterdam. If Amsterdam is declared the European Capital of Innovation 2016. If Netherlands-based ING and their Amsterdam agency J. Walter Thompson are the big winners at the international advertising festival in Cannes. If Willem Sijthoff and Cor van Zadelhoff convert the old Diamond Exchange into Capital C, a stunning head office of the creative industry. If that sector in the UK is good for 121 billion dollars and if we can cut out twenty or so slices from the pie without being noticed, just as a starter of course. Then creative Netherlands would have to really muck things up not to make Amsterdam the Creative Capital of Europe in short order. Or like the English say: Strike while the iron is hot. So no more handing out honours for Amsterdam Mayor Van der Laan, no more going to Toppers concerts for Prime Minister Rutte and no more appearing on game shows for Amsterdam Deputy Mayor Ollengren. You heard me right. The summer recess has been cancelled with immediate effect. Because the cards are never going to be stacked more in favour of the Netherlands than they are right now.

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     Diamond Exchange is being converted into the head office of Amsterdam’s creative industry.

Diamond Exchange is being converted into the head office of Amsterdam’s creative industry.